WATCH: Scaramucci Explains How 'Brilliant' Jack Smith Has Trump Afraid

Prior to becoming Donald Trump's communications director, Anthony Scaramucci was a prominent investment banker in New York. He also had a law degree from Harvard University. 

On Monday night, the former Trump staffer appeared on Kaitlan Collins' show on CNN. During the program, Scaramucci was asked about prosecutor Jack Smith expediting the question of Trump's immunity in the case up to the Supreme Court. 

He responded, "As Jack Smith is here surprising everyone by going past the appeals court, going straight to the Supreme Court, and basically trying to cut off Trump's known strategy of delaying his legal troubles."

Scaramucci continued:

"I think it's a brilliant move by Jack. But if you really want to get inside the president's mind, he's very, very worried. You've got 91 counts, four big indictments. It feels like he is the Al Capone of our current political system, meaning people think he's untouchable, just like they did with Al Capone or somebody like John Gotti, but they actually are not untouchable."

The former communications director closed, "So, he's very, very worried. I do know that he thinks because he appointed … three of those justices, but he has six that are conservatives, I do think that he thinks he's got a good shot there. He thinks that that court is politicized and will tip to his favor."