WATCH: Scaramucci Dives Into Donald Trump Telling Stormy Daniels She Reminded Him of Ivanka

 Donald Trump has always had strange things to say about his daughter Ivanka. Going back to his teenage years, he has long sexualized his own child

Knowing the history of his comments about her, few were surprised when Stormy Daniels testified on Tuesday that the former President told her she reminded him of Ivanka. Former staffer Anthony Scaramucci attempted to explain why Trump would do something so gross. 

CNN's Dana Bash asked, "That’s what Trump said to Stormy Daniels. So Trump is telling Stormy Daniels that she reminds him of Ivanka Trump. 'The way he framed it. It did actually make perfect sense. 'Do you want to comment on that?"

Scaramucci responded:

"Well, I mean, listen, I want to I want to be fair to him as well. In a one-on-one setting, I just certainly don’t want him to return to the presidency, for so many different reasons.

But in a one-on-one setting, he tries to be charming and he tries to melt the ice in a situation. So I could totally see him saying something like that.

And I think even people that he goes after because he’s a little insecure when he meets them face to face, he turns up the charm.

So all of that is indicative to his personality. So again, what she’s saying comes across very true to me. And I don’t think you make up details like that, Dana."