WATCH: Scaramucci Claims That Trump's Children Have Abandoned Their Father

Anthony Scaramucci did not last very long while serving in Donald Trump's administration. In fact, his last name was later used to describe a short length of time. Still, Scaramucci has long been friends with Donald Trump and could give strong insight into what is going on with the former president and his family. 

On Wednesday, Scaramucci was a guest on MSNBC's Morning Joe. He noted that one of the most interesting thing about the Donald Trump's current situation is that his children seemingly want nothing to do with him. 

Scaramucci told the panel, "I think it's taking a toll, but what I'm surprised about is the lack of investigation around what's going on with him and his family. Eric Trump showed up yesterday, but no one's in the court. Family members have said they're not going to go work for him back in the White House."

The former Trump staffer continued:

"Melania is absent, and I think this plays a bigger part of the story, and it's a bigger toll on him than people imagine. Whether you like him or dislike him, he worked with his family on real estate, he worked with his family on 'The Apprentice,' he brought his family into the White House. They are not there with him, and I think that's something that bothers him way more than anybody is letting on."