WATCH: SC GOP Chair Candidate Lin Wood Explains His Vote For Obama

Lin Wood, a pro-Trump attorney under scrutiny for his attacks on Georgia’s 2020 presidential election, is now running for office in South Carolina. In a newly released video clip, Wood talks about his one-time support of one of Donald Trump’s most dreaded political rivals: former President Barack Obama.

Lin Wood doxing
(Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images)

Wood posted on his Telegram account Tuesday about his trip to Anderson, SC, to speak and seek the support of delegates for his candidacy as Chair of the South Carolina Republican Party. Other photos and videos of the event continued to be shared through the day and overnight, and by Wednesday morning, a clip had surfaced in which the attorney appears to declare that he supported Barack Obama, but was disappointed when Obama turned out to be a Muslim. (Side note: Barack Obama is not a Muslim, but a professed follower of Christian faith.)

Wood has been a controversial figure over the past year, first coming forward in support of accused shooter Kyle Rittenhouse, who is facing murder charges in the shooting deaths of two Black Lives Matter protestors in Wisconsin, then shifting to unsupported claims of election fraud.

Along the way, he has also accused Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts of being part of a pedophile ring, and demanded that the U.S. Military force a coup, overturning the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election, and somehow forcing the nation into a complete do-over of the process. Facing disciplinary action by the Georgia Bar, he’s called for an ‘army of patriots’ to gather dirt on members, and officially moved his state of residence from Georgia to South Carolina, where he now hopes to lead the Republican party.

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