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WATCH: “Saturday Night Live” Skewers Giuliani’s Legal Clown Show

WATCH: “Saturday Night Live” Skewers Giuliani’s Legal Clown Show

You just knew it had to happen. In its first show since Joe Biden’s election as president, NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” knocked it out of the park with a cold open that perfectly parodied the lunacy that has become Donald Trump’s baseless, flailing attempt to overturn the results of the election he lost.

Front and center was the disastrous hearing in Michigan last week in which Rudy Giuliani paraded a belligerent “witness” in front of lawmakers whose testimony was so bizarre she’s been dismissed as not credible. Mikey Day, playing the part of Michigan state Rep. Steven Johnson (R), opened the bit by saying, “It is my honor and also one of the great horrors of my life to welcome President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.”

Kate McKinnon, in her pitch-perfect crazy Giuliani role, took it from there. “It’s great to be in a courtroom where I’m not the defendent.” The president’s lawyer promised to overturn illegal votes in “Georgylvania,” Pennsachusettes,” and “North Dacanada” and in support of that effort brought forth his “highly intelligent, barely intoxicated” star witnesses.

First to testify was Cecily Strong, spot on in the role of Melissa Carone. Carone’s real-life testimony was so outlandish that it needs to be pointed out that the following is from Strong’s portrayal of her last night: “I personally saw hundreds, if not thousands, of dead people vote,” she said. “I remember because I was walking out and they were walking in. And then they gave their votes to Democrats, and then you probably did something crazy with them, didn’t you?”

Johnson replied, “I don’t handle ballots, and I’m a Republican.”

“Then you’re literally useless. You have no use. Did you check every poll? Did you talk to all the dead people?” she asked before making it clear that she wasn’t lying because she signed an “after David.” “That’s correct. David signed and then I signed right after David.” She was providing her testimony, she said, “under oaf.”

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McKinnon’s audibly flatulent Giuliani then called a witness claiming to have eaten ballots served from a food truck. She was followed by Beck Bennett portraying the My Pillow guy Mike Lindel. Democrats, he said, could hide more than a million fake ballots in a pillow “and still get a good night’s sleep refreshed and ready to steal an election.”

You can watch the entire open here, courtesy of NBC and “Saturday Night Live.”

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