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WATCH: Satanic Temple Was Already Prepared To Take On Texas Abortion Law

WATCH: Satanic Temple Was Already Prepared To Take On Texas Abortion Law

The Satanic Temple has promised to stand up to Texas and help protect access to safe, legal abortions. They’ve invited members of their faith who seek abortions to reach out to them, and they’ve been described as potentially a “last chance” to fight the oppressive and far-reaching law. But they didn’t just start this with Texas.

[Matt Anderson, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons]

If the Satanic Temple gets an opportunity to fight this law in court — arguing religious freedom for a member who is denied access to a potentially life-saving medical treatment — they’ll have a long history of upholding abortion access as a tenet of their faith to back it up.

In this 2020 video, the Satanic Temple even lays out how they consider access to abortion — without being subjected to waiting periods, medically unnecessary ultrasounds, or anti-choice propaganda — is actually a religious ritual, which their members should not be prevented from performing as needed, as a matter of religious freedom.

At the time, they were fighting against obstacles put into place to make abortions more difficult to access, and promised that any members who sought an abortion would be given a letter to take to their medical provider, explaining how these hurdles meet the standard of “undue burden” under religious freedom laws.

Now, Fortune has described the group as possibly the “last hope” in fighting the abortion law in Texas, as they cite the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, saying that under this law, members holding a sincere belief in abortion as a human right should have access to abortifacients for their religious rituals.

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The Satanic Temple has an excellent fact sheet here on their work to protect abortion access, including a PDF of the letter for refusing medically unnecessary procedures prior to an abortion, and a donation link to support their mission.

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