WATCH: Sarah Palin Tears Into Former Co-Workers Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace

Part of what makes the Lincoln Project ads so powerful is the fact that they’re made by former prominent figures in the Republican party. Steve Schmidt might be chief among them. The former Republican strategist was one of the higher-ups during the McCain/Palin campaign.

Sarah Palin
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Nicolle Wallace, now an MSNBC host, was once the Press Secretary for George W. Bush. During an appearance on Fox News, Sarah Palin was asked about her experience with the two figures. The former Arkansas governor and Vice Presidential candidate did not hold back her vitriol for the pair.

Host Tucker Carlson asked, “One of the consultants you dealt with in 2008 when you joined the McCain campaign was a man called Steve Schmidt. He’s now endorsed Joe Biden. What do you make of that? Since you know him — I don’t want to single him out or anything — I just have to ask.”

Palin responded, “Oh, go ahead and single him out, he’s a piece of work. So’s Nicolle Wallace and these other yahoos, who were actually running the McCain/Palin campaign. They are the ones who — a couple of them didn’t even vote for the ticket, they jumped ship early in terms of their actual enthusiasm for Republicans being elected that year in ’08.”

The former Alaskan governor continued, “Wolves in sheep’s clothing, and there’s been huge exposure. So, you know, those of us who were kind of victims of what they are capable of, it’s kind of vindication for us, because it’s like ‘See? Told you so! They were never on our team to start with.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:


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