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WATCH: Sarah Palin Says Ketanji Brown Jackson is ‘Ill-Prepared’ For the Supreme Court

WATCH: Sarah Palin Says Ketanji Brown Jackson is ‘Ill-Prepared’ For the Supreme Court

In 2008, hoping to add some juice to the presidential campaign, the GOP made Sarah Palin John McCain’s running mate. Following a disastrous interview with Katie Couric, the general public realized that she wasn’t a serious person and the Republican ticket was soundly defeated.

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The former Alaska governor hasn’t sought a political seat for over a decade. After the election of Donald Trump, the bar for Republican candidates has been significantly lowered. So Palin is now seeking a congressional set. And she recently had the gall to claim that Ketanji Brown Jackson wasn’t qualified for the Supreme Court.

She told Real America’s Voice, “I don’t think she is right for the Supreme Court. She did not have the most basic, fundamental answers to the most basic, fundamental questions being posed to her, of her, from those on the Hill, and it kind of shocked me that she seemed so ill-prepared, really, to be able to answer a simple question like, what’s a woman? Y’know, our first, second, third graders can answer that one. And that took me aback.”

Pailn continued, “I think it’s unfortunate that Joe Biden came right out of the chute saying, he was going to base his pick on race and on gender. And, you know, that brings back the movement towards freedom and true equality, so far back, and, you know, it’s pretty insulting that he pretty much just decided to create those parameters.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below:

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