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[Watch] Sarah Cooper Comes to Jenna Ellis’ Rescue With Legal Advice

[Watch] Sarah Cooper Comes to Jenna Ellis’ Rescue With Legal Advice

Sarah Cooper gets Netflix show for mocking Donald Trump

The lawyering of Jenna Ellis, one of the more public members of Donald Trump’s “elite strike force” that’s challenging election results, has come under some pretty harsh – albeit justified – criticism in recent days from members of the state and federal bench and legal observers.

On Friday a federal appeals court judge, who was appointed by Trump, dismissed the Pennsylvania lawsuit she filed alongside Rudy Giuliani, chastising the president’s legal team for providing no evidence to back up its claims. “Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here,” the judge wrote.

Well, according to comedian Sarah Cooper, aka “Debra McClintock,” the reason the Trump campaign’s legal efforts to overturn the election of Joe Biden are failing is because Ellis is making two fatal errors before the courts.

The first pertains to the offering of evidence. The other has to do with spell check. Watch.

Cooper/McClintock’s groundbreaking new legal theories have been embraced by the online legal community. Elie Honig, an attorney and CNN legal analyst tweeted:

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