WATCH's: MSNBC's McCaskill Explains Why New Hampshire Result is Worrying for Donald Trump

One thing is for sure, Republicans like Donald Trump more than anything else. The former President has been a constant source of embarrassment and legal problems, but they vote for him anyway. Since Donald Trump was elected in 2016, the GOP has underperformed in every national election, and Republicans vote for him anyway. 

Trump just won his second state in the race for the Republican nomination and it seems clear he'll win the nod. Still, he needs more than Republicans to vote for him to win the presidency and last night's result should really worry him, says MSNBC personality and former senator Claire McCaskill. 

McCaskill said on Wednesday's episode of Morning Joe, "He's confused, he's angry, and by the way, cracks in the armor appeared last night. According to Donald Trump he's the incumbent, right? He won four years ago? If you're the incumbent and can't manage more than 50 percent of the vote in your own party, you are one weak sister and it is not good for him that he did as poorly as he did."

The former Missouri senator continued:

"Biden got a lot of data last night for those Republicans that will never vote for Trump, those independents who don't want Trump, and that's the key to the kingdom in this election – finding those moderate Republicans and independent voters. We're going to solidify the base, I'm confident of that. Bad night for Donald Trump, really bad night."