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WATCH: Rusty Bowers Spills On Threats, Trump’s 2024 Chances, 2020 ‘Evidence’

WATCH: Rusty Bowers Spills On Threats, Trump’s 2024 Chances, 2020 ‘Evidence’

Rusty Bowers, currently House Speaker for the Arizona House of Representatives, is running for his state’s Senate. However, his campaign is facing a hurdle that would have been unusual in any other election year: the former President of the United States is campaigning against him, because he testified about that ex-president’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

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Bowers is just one of a growing list of Republicans who stepped forward to testify to the January 6th Committee, just one of many who decided that their loyalty must lie with their country and morals, rather than with Donald Trump. It’s not making life easy for any of them, and Bowers spoke with The Week about some of the backlash he’s getting –including people who walk up to him and inform him that he’s a traitor, and that the punishment for treason is hanging.

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Aside from that, Bowers shares a little bit more about the evidence from the 2020 election — that is, he confirms that Trump’s team never did get back to him with any real concrete evidence for their ‘stolen election’ claims.

He also says that he will never vote for Trump again — but the good news, he says, is that he doesn’t believe the issue will ever come up, because he doesn’t think Trump will be the nominee again.

“I’ll never vote for him. But I won’t have to, because I think America’s tired, and there’s some absolutely forceful, qualified, morally defensible and upright people [potentially running], and that’s what I want.”

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