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WATCH: Russian ‘Spy’ Whale Who Defected To Norway Saves Woman’s Cell Phone

WATCH: Russian ‘Spy’ Whale Who Defected To Norway Saves Woman’s Cell Phone

A beluga whale that may be a defected “spy” from Russia helped rescue a woman’s cell phone after she dropped it into the waters it was swimming in — the video of which has since gone viral.

Ina Mansika went to visit the whale, which has made its new home in Hammerfest, Norway. After she accidentally dropped her cell phone, which had been resting in her pocket, into the waters where the whale was, the beluga made the trek down to the bottom to retrieve the cellular device.

“Everyone was so surprised. We almost didn’t believe what we saw,” Mansika said, according to reporting from Mediaite. “I was super happy and thankful that I got my phone back.”

Although the cell phone had been submerged for too long to function again, Mansika said the whale was “kind” for its efforts to retrieve her lost technology.

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Experts believe that the whale was formerly a Russian “spy,” due to a harness that was discovered on it. The harness, which appears to allow the animal to hold a camera on its body, said it was produced in St. Petersburgh

Some are disputing that the whale was formerly a spy, however. While there seems to be no doubt that it came from Russia, some speculate that it could have been a therapy animal for children, per reporting from Deutsche Welle. A journalist with the Norway-based newspaper Fiskeribladet said they recognized the animal from previously reporting on it, stating that the harness was used as a device “to [drag] boats with children on board.”

However, the journalist couldn’t confirm with 100 percent accuracy that it was the same whale they had reported on before.

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