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[WATCH] Russian News Anchor: Millions of Russians Think Putin’s Invasion Is a ‘Catastrophe’

[WATCH] Russian News Anchor: Millions of Russians Think Putin’s Invasion Is a ‘Catastrophe’

What if you staged an invasion on your peaceful neighbor and nobody supported you (because you were basically bored and also probably losing your mind a little bit because everyone’s been ignoring you since Trump left office)? You’d be Vladimir Putin, of course.

Putin has threatened his own citizens who have dared to take to the streets to let him know they don’t support his invasion, so he just decides to invade harder. But they’re internet-savvy enough to figure this stuff out for themselves now, so the gaslighting propaganda isn’t letting that stop them or scare them, which is only making him angrier. Maybe he’ll threaten to sit even further away from everyone to try to look tough or imposing, I don’t know.

It’s never good if you’re drawing comparisons to Hitler, which is what’s been happening, except thankfully Putin’s support group is much smaller (in Russia, anyway; it seems to be different within the GOP, but we’ll leave that for another time). There’s some comfort in knowing the whole country isn’t aligned behind him, but also it’s not really doing anything since he’s cranked up all of the dictator stuff to eleven.

Putin is trying to play a long game while everyone’s patience for him is beyond short. He doesn’t have his country’s support, he doesn’t have support from most of the world, he’s essentially alone, scared, and cranky. A cornered Putin is a mad Putin, which is bad for the rest of us because he’s not getting his way. Hmm, sound like anyone else we know?

Russian news director and anchor, Ekaterina Kotrikadze, spoke to CNN’s Fareed Zakaria about the state of the country’s news media after her station, TV Rain, was shut down due to the Russian government’s crackdown on local media over unfavorable coverage of the war in Ukraine. Kotrikadze told Zakaria that most Russian citizens see the invasion as Putin’s fault and a “catastrophe.” Watch their discussion, below.


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