WATCH: Rush Limbaugh Lauds Trump’s Tax Evasion, “He’s a Master at This!”

During the 2016 presidential debates, Hillary Clinton blasted Donald Trump for his years of tax evasion. Trump, however, didn’t take the comments as an attack, he took them as a compliment. “That makes me smart,” the future president bragged from the debate stage.

Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

On Sunday night, the New York Times outlined just how far Trump has gone when it comes to his taxes. And Conservative media members are happy to go along with the idea that Trump is smart and the IRS is dumb. On Monday morning, Rush Limbaugh boasted, “he’s a master at this.”

The radio host began, “They keep recycling things. Now we’re recycling Trump’s taxes, and they got him again, folks. They got him again. They thought they had him four years ago on this. They thought they had him three years ago on this. We can go back and look at the audio sound bites as we used them then.”

Limbaugh continued:

“The main thing that Trump did — looking at this, the main thing that Trump is doing is putting more money into his businesses than he’s taking out. And who knows. It may be wise or legal, he’s chosen to do it this way. One thing, he’s an expert at moving money around to avoid paying taxes, and he’s really an expert at making those who loan him money as vulnerable as he is. They can’t call the loans on him. They’d go down the tubes if he does. So he’s a master at this.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Media Matters:

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