WATCH: Rudy Giuliani Jokingly Asks Newsmax Host for a Loan

Despite his massive loss in court, Rudy Giuliani seemed in good sprits on Friday night jokingly asking Newsmax host Greg Kelly for a loan. 

At one time, Giuliani was the Mayor of New York City and one of the most popular lawmakers in America. Kelly is similar. He was once the co-host of the popular Good Day New York news show. But on Friday night, the two men were on Newsmax complaining about how unfair the justice system has been to Giuliani. 

One Giuliani joined the show, Kelly asked, "That’ll be $148 million, please!" Giuliani responded, "You got any money you can loan me, Greg?"

The host followed, "It seems totally ludicrous. I thought you were terrific after the verdict. What are you thinking right now?"

The former Trump lawyer responded, "How can you not be so sad for the country? Here I am in the District of Columbia. The first time I came here, I had goosebumps. I’m gonna leave here thinking that this District of Columbia is a fascist court."

Of course, there was no fascism involved in the decision and the evidence against Giuliani was overwhelming. Now any work he does going forward will be for the benefit of Moss and Freeman. 

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Newsmax: