WATCH: Ronna McDaniel Doesn't Think Trump Will Dump Her As RNC Head

When Donald Trump was first elected President, the chair of the Republican National Committee was Reince Priebus. As a reward for his good work, Priebus was made Trump's first Chief of Staff. The match didn't work, though, and after 6 months, Priebus was replaced by John Kelly. 

Priebus' replacement as the head of the RNC was Ronna Romney McDaniel. Super loyal to Trump, she stopped using her maiden name, as the 45th President didn't like her Uncle Mitt. 

And since McDaniel has been RNC head, the Republicans have been regularly underperforming in elections. Vivek Ramaswamy blames the RNC chair and called for her resignation the day. 

McDaniel appeared on Fox News Wednesday and host John Roberts asked her, "So that's expected, I think, to some degree from Ramaswamy. But now we're also hearing rumblings that maybe Donald Trump may be going south, too."

"Oh, I'm not hearing that," she shot back. "Listen, I would say this to Vivek. You know, I understand that you want to take me on. I'm focused on taking on Joe Biden. Joe Biden's ruining this country."

McDaniel continued, "[voters are] sick of us hitting each other and not focusing on the issues and taking on the Democrats, because that's a losing strategy if we're hitting each other. I'm going to take the high road and focus on beating Joe Biden."