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WATCH: Ron Johnson Tried To Give Mike Pence Fake Elector Documents, Text Messages Show

WATCH: Ron Johnson Tried To Give Mike Pence Fake Elector Documents, Text Messages Show

The January 6th Committee’s Tuesday, June 21st, public hearing, included video footage of previously-taken testimony, and of evidence the Committee has collected. The hearing centered around the pressure campaigns that Donald Trump and his allies are shown to have used to attempt to force state officials to alter the election outcome in their own states. Part of the evidence presented included information regarding the fake electors scheme, in which Trump’s team tried to use what they called “alternate slates” of electors to cast their votes for Trump, rather than for Joe Biden.

Some of the new evidence that they released included text messages implicated Senator Ron Johnson, indicating that he tried to pass these fake elector documents off to Mike Pence.

[Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images]

The clip below includes a series of text messages between one Chris Hodgson, and one Sean Riley. Hodgson was Director of legislative affairs for Vice President Pence, and Riley is Johnson’s Chief of Staff.

The messages shown include a series between these two, just after noon on January 6th, 2021. Riley says, “Johnson needs to hand something to VPOTUS please advise.”

Asked for more information, he explains that Johnson wants to give Pence an, in his words, “Alternative slate of electors for [Michigan] and [Wisconsin] because the archivist didn’t receive them.”

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The screenshot below documents this moment in the proceedings.

[CNN Screenshot via Acyn/Twitter]

Hodgson shuts this down — “Do not give that to him.”

Still, after the proceedings were over, and the true electoral votes were counted, Senator Johnson was not ready to let it drop, and still released a statement that he had intended to give in objection to the Arizona electoral votes.

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