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WATCH: Ron Johnson Is Really Annoyed That Medical Experts Keep Saying Vaccines Aren’t Killine People

WATCH: Ron Johnson Is Really Annoyed That Medical Experts Keep Saying Vaccines Aren’t Killine People

There doesn’t seem to be any amount of data, facts, or expertise that can convince a conspiracy theorist. Now that Senator Ron Johnson is deep into COVID-19 vaccine conspiracies, he’s — like so many others fooled by the same stories — really aggravated that experts keep saying he’s wrong.

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Recently, the vaccine conspiracy theorists, who have already blamed COVID-19 for everything from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (even at a time when these vaccines weren’t available before age 12) to the more outrageous imagined government tracking chips they (falsely) claimed were being injected into patients, have moved on to a new (to them) medical issue: SADS.

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is, according to Health Feedback, a cardiac issue, “caused by genetic mutations affecting the electrical system regulating heartbeat.” No connection has been found to COVID-19 vaccines.

That hasn’t stopped Ron Johnson from flipping out about it, declaring that he’s tired of being “challenged by medical experts,” since, in his opinion, it’s obvious that vaccines are the problem, despite the fact that those medical experts are the ones who would see a correlation first.

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“What drives me nuts is when I’m charged by medical experts, okay? Show me the data. The one that’s driving me nuts right now is this Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. I’m reading articles written about that, and the doctors are baffled, the medical experts are baffled. What could possibly be causing the death of adults, just dropping dead? What could it be? Isn’t it pretty obvious? Look at the VAERS report, we’re up to 20,741 deaths on the VAERS system?”

As previously reported, the VAERs system is for self-reporting, and includes reports of such adverse events as drowning, or having a pet die, as well as deaths that cannot be attributed to COVID-19 vaccination because they occurred before vaccination was available for the age rate — as the aforementioned Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Information in the VAERs database should not be mistaken for data that has been reviewed and confirmed, much less for correlations that have been demonstrated.

Though many sensationalists describe SADS as a “new” medical issue to contend with, the truth is that the SADS foundation was established in 1991, addressing this health concern long before anyone heard of COVID-19, much less vaccines against the disease.

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