WATCH: Ron Johnson Doesn't Think GOP Should Pass Any More Legislation

With the House controlled by Republicans and the Senate held by Democrats, the two parties need to work together in order to govern properly. But thanks to GOP intransigence, the government can't pass legislation. After the two parties came together on a border deal, Donald Trump ordered the Republicans to kill it, and they did.

Trump's methods seem to be taking hold in the GOP and Ron Johnson gave a good example of this during a recent interview with Real America's Voice. The Wisconsin Senator argued that Republicans should no longer pass any bills. 

Johnson began, "You know, internally here, inside the bubble, you hear Republicans say, you know, we need to get a result. You know, we need to effectively govern. To me, that's almost code words for we've got to do Democrat-lite."'

"So there's a fair amount of stopping that's being required here, and I think we'd be far better off if we never passed another piece of legislation," the Wisconsin Senator continued. "Obviously, you've got to fund the government, but we need to fund it at a far lower level."

There has always been gridlock in the government between the two parties, but it has never been worse than now. Johnson is arguing that an entire party should essentially shut down the government in tantrum-like fashion.