WATCH: Ron DeSantis Rips Nikki Haley for Failing to Endorse Trump

Ron DeSantis prepared for years to take on Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican nomination. The race was humiliatingly short for the Florida governor. DeSantis proved to be wildly unpopular with even Conservative voters, backed Trump and tucked tail back to Florida. 

The Conservative reemerged yesterday to serve a man he repeatedly said was unfit to be President. DeSantis appeared on Eric Bolling's Newsmax show to attack Nikki Haley for failing to endorse Trump right away. 

The Florida governor first said of Haley, "she had waged a campaign on the idea that you can somehow win the Republican nomination for president by getting the votes of mostly just non-Republicans, and that just doesn’t work."

DeSantis continued, "We saw that play out in Iowa and I said at the time that she didn’t have a pathway, so I’m glad we’re all through that process and, you know, now we’re in a situation where Republicans are staring down the barrel of a President Biden who’s clearly not up to the job."

The failed presidential candidate closed:

"I signed the pledge and you sign the pledge saying that you’re gonna not take your ball and go home, and so I honored the pledge and she’s gonna have to make a decision about whether she wants to or not, but the idea that somehow circumstances have changed, I think we all knew what we were doing when we did that, and you gotta make a judgement about whether that’s meaningful to you."

Of course, what DeSantis fails to note is that Donald Trump would have never backed any candidate that beat him. Not that that matters in today's GOP.