WATCH: Ron DeSantis Officially Declares Florida to be a Republican State

For several decades, Florida was one of the most important states in presidential politics. Normally, the party that carried the Sunshine state would win the election. This wasn't the case in 2020 as Donald Trump carried Florida but easily lost the electoral college. 

During a Sunday appearance Maria Bartiromo's show, Ron DeSantis talked about his state. According to the Florida Governor, the area is officially under Republican control. 

DeSantis told Maria Bartiromo, "Florida is off the board. It is a Republican state. You’ve covered politics. We used to be a one-point state, every election hung on how would Florida go; that is not true anymore. And I think that’s a good thing for the party."

The failed Presidential candidate then claimed people are coming to the state due to his policies and not the beautiful weather or lack of state taxes. He continued, "I do think that migration has skewed amongst people who come to Florida not because they want to change the policies to reflect in Illinois or California or New York, but because they appreciate how Florida has done it differently from where they’re coming."

What is important to note is that many Republicans who moved to Florida came from midwestern swing states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Joe Biden carried each of those states in 2020.