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WATCH: Ron DeSantis Is Banking On Disney Money While He Claims They’re The Villain

WATCH: Ron DeSantis Is Banking On Disney Money While He Claims They’re The Villain

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wants you to know that Disney is just too “woke,” and that the company is packing its films, theme park, and political donations with ideologies he doesn’t think kids should be exposed to (like acceptance of people who are different from you) — but he’s not talking so much about how the company has padded his own pockets.

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If Disney pulled its park out of Florida, the states would suffer the loss of nearly half a million jobs, $5.8 billion annually in tax revenue, according to NewsBreak, and that’s not counting any other money (gas, food, hotels, etc) that guests may spend in Florida outside the Disney parks.

DeSantis isn’t worried about this. He boasted on The Ingraham Angle that he didn’t think Disney, which has already invested a ton of money in Florida operations, would pull up stakes because of his attacks, even the legislation he signed to remove Disney’s special district — because it would cost them so much to do so.

Despite DeSantis’ apparent confidence, the direct effects of that legislation won’t take place before his re-election this year, so he can bank on his attacks not harming his re-election chances.

While DeSantis is banking on Disney money staying in Florida, he’s also banking on it in his own pocket — as the Talahassee Democrat reports, he took a donation of $100k from the company before its CEO spoke out against his Don’t Say Gay bill, and before he launched his vengeance tour, accusing the entertainment giant of packing its movies with “sexual” material that’s inappropriate for children.

There’s no sign that the Florida Governor has any intentions of rejecting that donation on any moral basis, though.

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