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WATCH: Ron DeSantis Fumes At D.C. “Cabal” After He’s Mocked At White House Correspondents’ Dinner

WATCH: Ron DeSantis Fumes At D.C. “Cabal” After He’s Mocked At White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was invited to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, but did not attend. Despite this, Trever Noah still made jokes about him, targeting his state for banning math books based on alleged ‘woke’ content. Now DeSantis is not happy.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

DeSantis was asked about being targeted for jokes at the dinner, which he says he would never attend and didn’t even watch. Nor does he care what comes up at the event, he insists. Despite that, he seems prickly about being mentioned at all, and says that the “cabal of people in D.C., New York” are “reviled by so many Americans” for what he deems to be lying about him.

“For them to advertise me when that invitation was rejected by my office, that is a lie.”

At the event, Trevor Noah said, “I see you, Ron DeSantis,” before launching into jokes about the Florida Governor running for President in 2024, being smarter than Trump, and banning math books.

“He’s been so busy trying to outmaneuver Trump for 2024…I see what you’ve been doing, blaming Trump for the lockdowns, distancing yourself from the vaccines that Trump created with his own two hands…Ron is playing it coy, man. He won’t even tell people if he got the booster…I see you, Ron…you’re smarter than [Trump]. You’re slicker than him. You can walk down ramps. Trump said he won the election but everyone was able to look at the numbers and see that he was wrong. That’s why Ron DeSantis is one step ahead. First you ban the math textbooks, then nobody knows how to count the votes!”

While DeSantis was not physically present at the event, despite Noah saying “I see you,” it should perhaps also be noted that Trump did not actually “make the vaccines with his own two hands,” in case DeSantis or anyone else took that joke literally, too.

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