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WATCH: Roger Stone Warns This Weekend’s MAGA Rally is a Government Set-Up

WATCH: Roger Stone Warns This Weekend’s MAGA Rally is a Government Set-Up

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Donald Trump’s presidency was marred by constant protests. The day after he was inaugurated, 2.6 million women took to the streets around the world. And as Trump marched for a photo op in Washington DC’s Lafayette Square last summer, a number of protesters were gassed.

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If the president had his druthers, his supporters would now be marching in the streets against Joe Biden. The first of these protests, held on January 6th, was more of an insurrection. MAGA will soon be returning to Washington DC this Saturday for another demonstration. Trump ally Roger Stone, though, is warning his followers not to go.

I don’t know a single person in the MAGA movement who’s going,” he said on Russia Today. “It’s a setup. Here’s my suggestion. The people who will be there will all be working for the government. Nice try.”

Stone continued, “It’s a sympathy ploy. Let’s face it: Jan. 6 gave the government the single greatest opportunity they’ve ever had to abridge our constitutional rights, particularly our First Amendment rights.”

The ‘Dirty Trickster’ closed, “if there’s a single arme[d] protester there, they’ll be working for the federal government. This is so obvious. Who would go there armed? Folks, I’m appealing to you. Stay away. Stay safe. Stay in your homes and, by all means, never bring a firearm to the District of Columbia.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of RT News:


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