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WATCH: Roger Stone Spins A Joe Biden Fable That Sounds Like More Projection

WATCH: Roger Stone Spins A Joe Biden Fable That Sounds Like More Projection

Roger Stone is spreading a rumor about President Joe Biden’s ability to control his bodily functions, after years of a similar story being told about his predecessor. Whether Stone read the rumors and decided to amplify them himself, or was encouraged to do so, one thing seems clear: this story spins out as a near mirror-image of the one an insider told about Donald Trump for years.

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Is it the new normal? Will stories of bathroom accidents simply be part of the political atmosphere going forward? Biden is the second consecutive president to have these stories told about him, and you can see political operative and Trump ally Roger Stone making the claim at a rally for U.S. Senate candidate Jackson Lahmeyer (R-OH) in the clip below.

In Biden’s case, the stories come from a Twitter rumor, amplified by a handful of particularly popular conservative influencers, and according to the Daily Dot, journalists denied the rumor, which appears to have grown out of a tweet by a former GOP chair from Nevada.

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Even right-wing reporting, such as the Daily Caller, has widely admitted that the more likely reason for Biden’s meeting with Pope Francis to have gone a bit longer was because of their shared faith, not because of any secret incidents and undercover clothing changes.

However, Donald Trump was the subject of similar stories for years, as Noel Casler, who had worked on the set of Celebrity Apprentice, made the claim that years of drug abuse made the former president unable to control bodily functions, and dared Trump to either sue him for defamation if it wasn’t true (opening the potential for discovery and evidence) or for violating his non-disclosure agreement if it was.

Trump never did sue, but did rage when “#DiaperDon” trended on Twitter, and the stories being spread about Biden now sound like targeted revenge attacks, regardless of whether they’re coming from Trump’s inner circle or his fan base.

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