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WATCH: Roger Stone Describes Satanic Portal At The White House — Can You See It?

WATCH: Roger Stone Describes Satanic Portal At The White House — Can You See It?

Roger Stone says he sees something over the White House, and he’s confident that it’s visible to everyone else, too. According to him, it’s a satanic portal, and will be closed before Joe Biden leaves the White House.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

Stone, who was convicted of multiple felonies for his efforts to shield Donald Trump from a Congressional investigation, first had his sentence commuted, then was issued a full pardon, by Trump. He hasn’t stopped spinning and promoting anti-Biden conspiracy theories since, but he doesn’t limit them to election fraud lies.

In this case, he delves into the metaphysical, claiming he can see a ‘satanic portal’ hanging in the sky above the White House. Listen to his story below, then check out the images and live feed to see what you think.

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“You can see it day and night,” he claims. “It is real and it must be closed, and it will be closed, by prayer. You can see it on the live stream, on the video pointing at the White House. No, it is not an aerostatic weather balloow. No, it is not refracted light. No, it is not a reflection.”

Below, you can see a screenshot from Saturday morning’s live feed of the White House via Earth.tv. You can also view the live stream yourself, here.

[Screenshot via Earth TV/White House]

Stone didn’t actually serve any of the more than 3 years of prison time he was sentenced to, so it’s not like this is his first time in a long time seeing the sun shining through clouds.

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