WATCH: Robert DeNiro Tells Bill Maher Why Donald Trump is a Monster

Like Donald Trump, Robert DeNiro has lived almost his entire life in New York City. But that is where the similarities between the two men end. The Hollywood actor has been a frequent and ferocious critic of the 45th President and his political career. 

DeNiro was a guest on Bill Maher's HBO show this weekend. It was no surprise when the topic of Donald Trump came up and it was no surprise when DeNiro took him to the woodshed. 

When the actor was asked about the debate over Joe Biden's age, he responded, "This whole thing about his age is so nonsense. The bottom line is it's Biden vs. Trump. Vote for Trump and you get the nightmare.

"The guy is a total monster," DeNiro remarked. "He's such a mean, hateful, nasty person. I'd never play him as an actor because I can't see any good in him. Nothing. Nothing at all, nothing redeemable to him."

Talking about the possibility of Trump winning the election again in 2024, DeNiro was aghast. He told Maher, "It can't be. It cannot be. If he wins the election, you won't have a show anymore. He'll come after me. He's a sociopathic, psychopathic, malignant narcissist. He is a dangerous person.""