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WATCH: RNC Called Out For Deceptive Editing Of Biden Video

WATCH: RNC Called Out For Deceptive Editing Of Biden Video

It’s long been said that video doesn’t lie — but when there are deep fakes and basic editing software is accessible to everyone, that saying doesn’t really hold up anymore. Sometimes, even just cutting a video short changes the context enough to be seriously misleading.

WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 27: Retiring U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer (R) speaks alongside President Joe Biden, during a retirement ceremony at the White House on January 27, 2022 in Washington, DC. Appointed by President Bill Clinton, Breyer has been on the court since 1994. His retirement creates an opportunity for President Joe Biden, who has promised to nominate a Black woman for his first pick to the highest court in the country. [Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Over the past few years we’ve seen some fake videos of Joe Biden, including the one where his head was pasted over Harry Belefonte’s from an old tape, to falsely suggest that Biden was sleeping while being interviewed.

This time, though, the manipulation was simpler. All the RNC had to do was clip the video a little bit short. As you can see below, RNC Research tweeted a three-second video in which Biden, who Republicans slam for a lack of transparency and for holding relatively few press conferences, simply says, “I’m not going to take any questions because I think it’s inappropriate.”

It does seem to support their claim that the President refuses to be open with the people and take questions from the press — until you actually hear the whole sentence.

He’s talking about questions the press has about his potential nominees to replace retiring Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court, and what he says is, “I’m not going to take any questions because I think it’s inappropriate to take questions with the Justice here. He’s still sitting on the bench, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get me later today and for the rest of the week. Next week too.”

The shortened clip also hides that Justice Breyer is in the room at the time, and avoids displaying the chyron that identifies that he’s speaking at the Justice’s retirement announcement.

The RNC is getting strong feedback, with social media users urging them to be honest by showing the full clip.

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