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WATCH: Right-Wing Social Site CEO Says Elon Musk Is Risking Tesla With Twitter Behavior

WATCH: Right-Wing Social Site CEO Says Elon Musk Is Risking Tesla With Twitter Behavior

Elon Musk has joked about “owning the libs” by purchasing Twitter, but it seems like he’s actually upsetting quite a few right-wing figures, especially those with their own social media sites. Jason Miller of GETTR is only the latest to weigh in.

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There are certainly plenty of folks on the left who are worried that Musk will restore Donald Trump to Twitter, and make the site a safe place for white supremacy and the plotting of violent acts — after all, Trump was initially removed for his stoking of mob violence during an attack on the Capitol. Still, nobody seems as concerned about this as those who currently run right-wing safe spaces.

You may recall that when Musk initially proposed the purchase, Andrew Torba, who runs Gab, made a counter-offer, suggesting he buy into that site instead — and lashed out in response, accusing Musk of being beholden to “moneychangers,” after the invitation was ignored.

Now, it’s the GETTR CEO who’s putting his two cents in, saying that Musk’s Twitter purchase — as well as his trash-talking the site while the deal sits in limbo — is a problem, although he says it’s one for Musk and Tesla.

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Calling the purchase a “vanity project,” Miller says that Musk is risking losing control of Tesla, if he keeps it up.

It’s not just Gab and GETTR, either — Trump’s Truth Social CEO, Devin Nunes, has even tried to take credit on Trump’s behalf for Musk’s decision to buy Twitter, and Trump himself has said he will not return to the more popular social site even if Musk revokes his ban.

Musk himself seems to be having second thoughts — but ultimately, no one seems as upset about his (hypothetical, eventual) Twitter takeover as the folks currently running extant right-wing social media sites.

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