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WATCH: Right-Wing “Prophet” Says He’d Feel Safer Governed By Putin Than Biden

WATCH: Right-Wing “Prophet” Says He’d Feel Safer Governed By Putin Than Biden

There are a lot of startlingly Pro-Putin sentiments floating around right-wing and q-anon (but I repeat myself) social media. Even as most of the more prominent Republicans are calling for President Joe Biden to place stricter sanctions on Russia, some would prefer to employ Vladimir Putin as a tool for attacking Biden than to actually make efforts to stop the dictator’s attack.

[Photo by Kremlin Press Service/Handout/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images]

We’ve already heard this week from Lauren Witzke, the 2020 Republican nominee in Deleware for U.S. Senate, who says that she aligns more with the “Christian values” she attaches to Putin than to the values she considers President Biden (a devout Catholic) to hold.

Now, listen to Johnny Enlow. He considers himself a ‘prophet,’ but uses his platform as a pastor in Atlanta, Georgia, and his YouTube channel, to promote q-anon conspiracy theories and political propaganda. In this case, he opines that Putin is “motivated by the Holy Spirit,” and indicates that, while Russian forces aren’t “going about it all right,” the goal is to bring “people to worship and serve God.”

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By comparison, he feels that the Biden Administration is “trying to enslave us, put us in bondage,” and would do so, if it wasn’t for Donald Trump’s intervention — while he says of Putin’s forces, “They’re not trying to bring their people into bondage, they’re trying to bring em into freedom.”

“If you go, where is it more dangerous to be a citizen of…it’s much more dangerous to be a citizen in this country, under who we have in our government.”

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