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WATCH: Right-Wing Pastor Warns Democrats, “You Ain’t Seen Insurrection Yet”

WATCH: Right-Wing Pastor Warns Democrats, “You Ain’t Seen Insurrection Yet”

If Pastor Greg Locke hasn’t had visits from Federal law enforcement yet, his latest sermon might be the one. It’s not the first time he’s used violent rhetoric, by any means, but this one echoes what any number of observers have warned: January 6th, 2021, was a practice run.

[Screenshot via Greg Locke/YouTube]

We’ve seen warnings that if there aren’t serious consequences for the events of January 6th, the far-right will feel empowered to do it again — and do a deadlier, more successful job of it this time. Locke isn’t holding back when he lets his audience know he approves of just such a future.

The clip below, shared by Hemant Mehta, starts with Locke declaring that Christians cannot be Democrats (Mehta, writing on OnlySky, shares that Locke has been reported to the IRS for this violation of tax exemption laws), but quickly progresses to threats.

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“Bunch of devils. I’m sick of them. They want to talk about the insurrection. Let me tell you something. You ain’t seen insurrection yet. You keep on pushing our buttons, you low-down sorry compromisers, you God-hating communists, and you’ll find out what an insurrection is, ’cause we ain’t playing your garbage!”

He adds, “The Bible says that we’ll take it by force! That’s what the Bible says! That’s what the Bible says! It’s gon’ get worse!”

As BaptistNews reports, it’s hardly Locke’s first time weighing in on the violent attack at the Capitol, either, in fact tweeting from D.C. right before the breach, he declared, “God is about to dethrone some wicked people that have been in power. Very soon Twitter will be trending the unthinkable. Remember this tweet. God will not be mocked.”

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