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WATCH: Right-Wing Pastor Loses It After Book-Burning Backlash & Copyright Infringement Allegation

WATCH: Right-Wing Pastor Loses It After Book-Burning Backlash & Copyright Infringement Allegation

Pastor Greg Locke’s book burning — well, not just book burning; the pastor wants to be very clear that he also burned ouija boards and other objects that he thinks are demonic or evil — apparently had a significant turnout, but he doesn’t seem to be enjoying the backlash after the fact.

[Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images]

First, before he even made it to the day of the big event, his post about it was deleted by Facebook after a stock photo site reported it for copyright infringement. He shared the screenshot of his Facebook notification, declaring, “THIS IS CRAZY!! Don’t tell me people aren’t rattled. They deleted my post over NONSENSE.”

[Image via Greg Locke/Facebook]

Wherever Locke obtained the photo he used in the post, it certainly does resemble this one at a stock photo site.

However, that’s not Locke’s only perceived persecution over his event. In a ten-minute rant uploaded to his YouTube channel, he railed against all the other entities he thinks are treating him unfairly, from the news sites that called his event a book burning, to technology that glitched during his attempted livestream, to pastors who no longer want him at their churches.

His chief complaints seem to be that reporting referred to the event as a ‘book-burning,’ despite his group also burning “all type of occultic things” including ouija boards and crystals and “things that tied people to the occult, spells, you name it, a lot of stuff;” and that pastors have disinvited him from their churches.

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I get it if you want to cancel, but go ahead and do it now, because I’m tired of having to leave my family, and my church, for a day or two during the week to either fly or hop in a car or a rental car on the bus and head to someplace only to find out that they’re going to cancel me before I get there!

Oops. Seems like some of Locke’s worst behavior doesn’t fly even among those churches that would ever contact him to begin with.

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