[WATCH] Right Wing Pastor Claims Satan Wants To Beat Trump In Order To Execute New Holocaust

 Curt Landry, a right-wing pastor, really pulled out the supernatural conspiracies during a YouTube Livestream with followers. Landry claimed that Satan himself wanted to get President Trump out of office, but he did not stop there. He said that Satan wants communists to take over America once Trump is defeated in November.  He also claims that the Prince of Darkness has his eyes set on starting “another holocaust.”

Landry said to his viewers, “We’re in a war. We are in a major spiritual war.” Landry went on to say that despite how people may feel about what he is saying they should believe him because he is a “spiritual elder” and his message comes straight from God.

Landry went on to say, “This is thus saith the Lord,” Landry declared. “Satan is already anticipating his victory to divide and conquer, and he’s already anticipating that Donald Trump will not be reelected, and some far-left socialist-communist is going to take over the United States of America. He’s already anticipating this. And here’s the key for us: We have to agree tonight, we have to agree that we’re going to disappoint Satan, and we’re going to say, ‘No, this isn’t going to happen—not on my watch’ … Because I made a commitment to the Lord 30 years ago in Tel Aviv that there would not be another Holocaust. Not on my watch.”

Conspiracy theories about Satan and communist are not new on the right and have become more public since the election of Donald Trump. It would be reasonable to suspect more conspiracy theories like these as we get closer to November.



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