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WATCH: Right-Wing Media Is Still Trying To Prove Obama Is A Secret Muslim

WATCH: Right-Wing Media Is Still Trying To Prove Obama Is A Secret Muslim

It’s been more than five years since President Barack Obama left the White House after two terms in office — the maximum a single individual can hold the presidency. That hasn’t stopped the far-right from fear-mongering that he’s coming back in one way or another. Now, just in case the fear factor is wearing off for their adherents, they’re back to suggesting that the former president might actually be secretly a Muslim.

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WASHINGTON, DC – NOVEMBER 09: U.S. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden share a moment during a statement about the election in the Rose Garden at the White House November 9, 2016 in Washington, DC. [Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

President Obama was never shy about his faith, stating clearly that he was a Christian man even as he advocated for the inclusion of Americans of all faiths, and those with no religion at all. However, the right-wing media and provocateurs dug up out-of-context video clips and even falsified or deceptively-edited bits to convince a post-9/11 America that he was hiding a faith in Islam, at the same time that similar propaganda fought to convince viewers that the religion was synonymous with the word “terrorist.”

Obama will not be running for President again, having maxed out his term limit, but that hasn’t stopped conservatives from claiming that Michelle Obama would run, either for herself or in name only, in order to sneak Obama a third term, or that the Biden Administration is actually Obama’s third term.

Now, they’ve come full circle and are back to fear-mongering about his religion.

Jason Campbell of MediaMattersForAmerica shared the following clip:

“He’s just not a trustworthy guy, about almost everything. Even his faith…I think he might just be a Muslim. Now, that’s fine. We can have a Muslim President, a Muslim Senator, it does not matter, but to be deceptive about it, that’s the problem.”

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