WATCH: Right-Wing Radio Host Says Murders Prove “Prostitution Is Not A Victimless Crime”

The recent murders of 8 women, 6 of them Asian, in massage parlors in Georgia have again highlighted prejudices against Asians, women, and sex workers. Now a right-wing radio host is blaming the acceptance of sex work for the murders, rather than putting the blame in the hands of the murderer.

[Screenshot via Bryan Fischer/American Family Radio/YouTube]

While it hasn’t been established that the victims were sex workers, the association between massage parlors and sex work, and the broad fetishization of Asian women, cannot be ignored, especially when the suspect in the case blames his actions on a purported ‘sex addiction.’

For Bryan Fischer, though, rather than evidence that society needs to address racism, misogyny, and stigma against sex workers, this just demonstrates that sex work does harm. In the clip below, he paints the victims as the cause, declaring this proof that “prostitution is not a victimless crime.”

“If the guy is married, his wife is gonna suffer in many ways,” Fischer declares, seeming again to place not only the blame, but criminalization, on the hypothetical sex worker, rather than on his imagined married man who makes a conscious choice to pay for extramarital sex. “But in this case,” he adds, “the people that suffered were the prostitutes themselves! They’re now dead”

According to the Washington Post, the man arrested in the murders, Robert Aaron Long, believed the murdered women to be ‘temptations’ sexually, and the spas in question have previously been identified as possible locations of sex work and exploitation, but police have not released any information identifying the victims as sex workers, despite Fischer’s hurry to label them so.

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