[WATCH] Right Wing Evangelist Says He Will “Never” Accept Biden as POTUS

Evangelical Christians are a most puzzling subset of Americans. While claiming to live by the rules of the New Testament, they’re more than happy to look the other way when a candidate who’ll vote for their conservative agenda comes along. Even when that candidate is a thrice-married serial philanderer known to sleep with adult film actresses, who also has over 35 credible and nearly identical rape accusations against them. In fact, they’ll do everything they can to keep such a candidate in office for a second term, even if means denying the reality of his loss.

Enter Mario Murillo, a right-wing Evangelical who flat-out refuses to accept that Trump lost the election. Not only that, Murillo says that he will never acknowledge Joe Biden as the President of the United States, despite the election having been called for Biden on November 7th.

“Devil, you’re a liar,” Murillo declared in an unhinged response to the news that Biden had won the election. “I believe all of us were tested. We had a dark night of the soul between the night of the election and the prophetic promises that so many said. Here’s where we are now: we have to rebuke this thing. God needs to put holy fear and conviction on low-level criminals who were involved in this to turn state’s evidence. They’ve got to feel the heat. They’ve got to know that Sidney [Powell] and all the rest of them are not going to give up, they’re not gonna back down.”

Murillo continued with his unhinged rant, saying he will never believe that Joe Biden is the President of the United States. “I will never accept that,” he added. “Why am I opposing what’s going on in the Democratic Party, and in the high tech, and in legacy media, and all of it? Because it’s the right thing to do. It’s the only thing my conscience will let me do. And there is a kind of a serenity inside of me about the fact that I know now that I’m on God’s side on this issue and he’s on my side on this issue, and that’s all that matters.”


Watch Murillo’s full remarks here, if you can tolerate it.

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