[WATCH] Right-Wing Activists Plan To Battle ‘Radical Leftists” With Nationwide ‘#WalkAway’ Rallies

Scott Presler and Brandon Straka, two well-known right-wing activists have a plan for fighting “radical leftists” even as the country grapples with an increase in coronavirus cases. The two activists are certain that the country has been taken over by radical figures on the left who need to be battled.

Many know Presler from his days an activism strategist for ACT For America which is a group known for its hate rhetoric against Muslims. He made his thoughts known at the Fairfax County Republican Committee that took place on July 7 in Virginia.  Presler turned the mic over to Straka for the last moments of the event and Straka used the time to hug audience members as he spoke to them. He said, “You guys, it feels so good to be hugging people again. I am so sick of all this shutdown bullshit.”

Straka told the crowd that he and Presler would be putting together rallies to give conservatives a bigger footprint in the country and the current unrest. Straka complained about conservative leadership being absent during the unrest inspired by the police killing of George Floyd. He said, “In the absence, it seems, of any real leadership, any real pushback, we’re just going to step up and take leadership ourselves.”

Not much is known about the rallies, other than, Straka announcing a fundraising target of $500,000 and $67,000 has already been donated according to their website. Straka went on to say, “Everybody right now is just waiting for one person to step up and say ‘Here’s what we’re going to do.’ So guys, here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to take our streets back. We’re going to take our neighborhoods back. We’re going to take our cities back. We’re going to take this whole damn country back.”

Straka and Presler’s plans come despite the massive increase in coronavirus cases. Some states like Florida have been hit hardest and it will be interesting to see if any states allow their rallies.

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