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WATCH: Ricky Schroder Blames “Demographics,” TV, For School Shootings

WATCH: Ricky Schroder Blames “Demographics,” TV, For School Shootings

Ricky Schroder, former child star and current MAGA adherent, wants to talk about school shootings, and like many on the right, he’s got some theories about the ‘real’ cause — and nope, he doesn’t think the ease with which a young, angry man can get his hands on a weapon that can create a lot of victims in a very short time is part of it. Instead, he blames the media, and the “demographics” that he believes are created by access to other cultures.

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Schroder has one thing right — when television (more broadly, media) made its way into virtually every household, it did give people an opportunity to see how others lived, outside their own neighborhoods and immediate surroundings. Unfortunately, he finds this to be a problem.

After praying for Jesus to protect the children who were killed in Uvalde, Texas, Schroder tells his video audience, “There is true evil in the world, folks,” and begins to elaborate.

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“What I wanted to talk about was a stranger that came into our houses like 70 years ago and never left. It was the TV. It was the first time in mankind’s history that information could be consolidated into such a format and given to humankind. Before that, what was there, radio? Before that, nothing. You just saw what was in your village, your town, your city. But you didn’t see the world. You didn’t see how other people lived…and I think what we’re dealing with here is, these problems stem from the demographics that this programming creates.”

Schroder did not address why, if this is a media problem, it’s so unique to the United States, when television is available in other nations as well (but guns are often less so).

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