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WATCH: Rick Wilson Says Democrats Have to Treat 1/6 as a GOP Inside Job

WATCH: Rick Wilson Says Democrats Have to Treat 1/6 as a GOP Inside Job

Rick Wilson has spent much of his career getting Republicans elected to major political offices. The former strategist, however, left the party soon after Donald Trump became the standard bearer for the GOP.

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Now Wilson is willing to give some advice to Democrats on how to beat Republicans in the future. During a recent Sirius XM appearance, host Dean Obeidallah asked, “Is this an issue (Republican senators voting against a 1/6 commission) Democrats can use effectively for 2022, and if so, how should they frame it?”

Wilson responded, “Democrats need to portray every single Republican who, the 147 who voted that day after the attack to certify Trump, and the ones since then except for the 35 that voted in favor of the commission, they need to be treated now as co-conspirators.”

The pundit continued, “Listen to JD Vance this week. He’s talking about destroying their political enemies. The Republicans. Democrats need to understand the Republicans view them not as competitors or colleagues, but as enemies to be destroyed.”

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Wilson closed his comments:

“It was an inside job, and we need to make sure that that message gets out to voters, because as much as people live in their ideological silos, even most Republicans don’t want to violently overthrow the US government for an election that doesn’t go their way. Not a big majority, but a small majority at least.”

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