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[WATCH] Rick Wilson Names and Shames GOP Senators Who Tried to Overthrow 2020 Election Before Jan 6th

[WATCH] Rick Wilson Names and Shames GOP Senators Who Tried to Overthrow 2020 Election Before Jan 6th

Former Republican campaign consultant and Lincoln Project founder Rick Wilson is of the mind that not enough attention is being paid to the Republican members in the Senate who were working to undermine the 2020 presidential election results before the January 6th insurrection. Of course, I’d throw in the House Republicans as well, but Wilson is really good about holding them all accountable while also reminding everyone that Everything Trump Touches Dies, or #ETTD on Twitter.

Wilson posits that if Trump had managed to assemble a more competent wrecking crew, they may have actually pulled off the plot to stay in power. Instead, Trump kept hiring “clods” like attorneys John Eastman and Rudy Giuliani, whose incompetence and carelessness cost both Trump and his team dearly. And now they all may suffer legal consequences.

Donald Trump praises Josh Hawley as "future of Republican Party"
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Appearing on Ayman Mohyeldin’s MSNBC show on Sunday, Wilson directly blamed high-profile members of the Senate for being complicit in paving the way for the attack on democracy. “Donald Trump has people around him who would throw a school bus full of toddlers into a volcano to stay in office. There is no upper boundary,” he began. “We’ve got very very lucky that [John] Eastman was, in fact, somewhat of a clod in putting this together.”

Wilson went on to list several of Trump’s co-conspirators who haven’t yet suffered any consequences for their actions between Election Day and January 6th. “Remember this, there were a lot of senators that day, before the mob attacked, who were trying to undermine the process of the electoral vote count,” Wilson pointed out. “Rick Scott, Tommy Tuberville, Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley, the whole package of these guys; they were all trying to burn down the process before the mob arrived. They had a legal strategy in their minds that was underpinning this.”

Don’t forget Ted Cruz, Rick! Watch the dragging with Rick Wilson and the full panel, below.

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