WATCH: Rick Wilson Mocks Trump for Thinking GOP Senators Want to Help Him and Not Themselves

For the last 4 years, Donald Trump has been very useful to the GOP. Thanks to him, there are now 3 new Conservative justices on the Supreme Court. Trump was also able to push through a massive tax cut for the rich.

Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Fast Company

Now that his time is coming to an end, though, Trump’s usefulness is diminishing. In fact, some Republicans think that he is actively sabotaging David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler’s chances in Georgia. Still, Trump thinks that GOP lawmakers have his back. On New Years Eve, Rick Wilson mocked Trump for this thinking, opining that the senators are only trying to help themselves.

In a video posted to his Twitter, Wilson told Trump:

“I know you’re back in the residence, you’re steaming, you’re pissed. You’re hoping for some break, but you’ve discovered everyone around you is a clown or a user or a sycophant. But you know the guys that you think are going to help you next week? Have you got any idea that Josh Hawley or Tom Cotton or Rand Paul or Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz are actually going to help you?”

The former Republican strategist continued, “This is going to end up with them doing a little performance, a little dance on the Senate floor, but they know you’re gone. It’s over. People don’t know when something is over, especially you. You don’t know it’s over, do you? These guys are pretending to play the game for you, but it’s really their game for 2024, because every one of those guys wants to run for president or re-election.”

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