WATCH: Rick Wilson Explains Why New Movie Will Drive Trump Crazy

While he may rail against the "Hollywood Elite" and the "Liberal Media," Donald Trump has long been desperate for their affection. The former President offered millions to different celebrities hoping they'd attend his inauguration. And his attacks on the New York Times always seem like they were coming from someone desperate for the paper's attention. 

At this year's Cannes Film Festival, a movie about Trump was released to critical acclaim and controversy. When asked how Trump could react to the movie, Rick Wilson said it would drive him crazy. 

Wilson was appearing on Times Radio and told the host, "I've also heard from someone who saw it at Cannes directly — and said it will drive him out of his mind, it will make him crazy, and it apparently has already done so. And so, you know, it portrays him in a very unflattering light, which is not a difficult thing to achieve."

The host responded:

"Apparently, it shows Trump having liposuction, having scalp reduction surgery to conceal his bald patch, and indeed, physically assaulting his former wife, Ivana, and we now hear that his presidential campaign is threatening legal action. I mean, this could potentially have a further effect on this already absolutely extraordinary presidential campaign."

Wilson followed, "t really could, and one of the things that we saw in 2020 was that the race looked a lot like it did right now before COVID hit."