WATCH: Rick Wiles Claims Trump’s Administration Will be Executing Democrats and Media Traitors

Last week, Donald Trump and William Barr’s Justice Department attempted to expand the methods in which prisoners on death row could be killed. The vast majorities of executions that take place in the US are via lethal injection. If Bill Barr gets his way, though, states may have the choice of using firing squads.

Rick WIles says thank God BLM will be hunted down
[Screenshot via Tru News]
Noted Right Wing lunatic Rick Wiles has a theory for why the Trump administration is rushing the order through. The conspiracy theorist recently told his audience that Trump is planning on executing Democrats and those in the media that don’t cover him properly.

After discussing the recent Justice Department decision, Wiles said, “I’m not trying to be funny, but because they plan to shoot some people.”

The pastor continued:

“They’re going to have a bunch of traitors, they’re going to line them up against the wall, and start shooting them, because that’s what they deserve. The Democrats, the news media… If the leftists, if the scientists, professors have been working secretly with the Chinese Communist Party, then line them up against a wall and shoot them. That’s what you do with them.”

Wiles, of course, often has wild ideas about the Trump administration and what they may do. Fortunately, though, none of them ever come true.

Watch a video of Wiles comments below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:


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