WATCH: RFK Jr. Goes On Fox News To Complain About Democrats Not Accepting Him

A day after announcing his independent bid for President, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appeared on Fox and Friends to complain about his treatment by Democrats. 

Robert F. Kennedy, most famous for his views on vaccination, tried to run for President as a Democrat this year. It didn't go well for him. It turns out that, despite his family name, Republicans are much more receptive to RFK Jr. than Democrats are. He quickly pivoted to a run as an independent. 

Kennedy Jr. appeared on the Fox News network this morning where he was asked about the rejection from both Democrats as well as his family. He responded, "It was it was very painful for me. I mean, I, you know, I was raised in the Democratic Party. My father, and my uncles were with leaders of the party. You know, our relationship with the Democratic Party goes back generations. My great-grandfather, Honey Fitz, was the first Irish-Catholic. mayor of Boston. My other great-grandfather, Patrick Kennedy, was aboard the Democratic Party.

RFK Jr. continued:

"But it was a choice that I didn’t feel that I had a I didn’t feel I had a choice. And I think it’s the right thing right now because we’re seeing that, you know, it’s the same corporate donors that control both parties that they have. And the parties are in paralysis. They cannot within that party system, they are locked in, as in this war with each other."

Watch a clip of the segment below via YouTube: