WATCH: Retiring GOP Rep. Says He Couldn't Live the 2020 Election Lie Anymore

There is no room left in the House GOP for congresspeople who refuse to give their complete and utter fealty to Donald Trump. Colorado lawmaker Ken Buck wasn't willing to do so and rather than try to stay in Congress, he said that he would not seek another term in 2024. 

On Monday Night, Buck appeared on The Daily Show and spoke with host Jon Stewart about his decision to retire and what he thinks will happen with his party going forward. 

The host asked, "Do you miss Congress in any way? Do you feel it was a job left undone for you?" Buck responded, "I left because I couldn’t tell the lie. 2020 election wasn’t stolen. The January 6 defendants aren’t political prisoners."

After Stewart noted that the Republican had been cancelled by his own party, the Colorado Rep. responded, "Well, one, I’m not a victim. If anything, I am absolutely blessed beyond belief with six grandkids. But, you know, there’s a lot of life out there besides arguing about nothing and telling lies, and so I made a choice to go enjoy what I’ve got left."

The soon to be ex-Congressman then continued:

"I think there is a leader out there that will unify and help unify America, and it’s somebody who has great morals, somebody who has great leadership skills. A John F. Kennedy. You know, I probably wouldn’t have said this 20 years ago, that he was a great hero, but you look at what John F. Kennedy did in terms of bringing the country together during the Cold War and moving us forward. There is somebody there that will help America heal and move forward."