[WATCH] Retire Rubio Launches New Hard-Hitting Parkland Ad

Super PAC Releases Ad Lambasting Senator Marco Rubio for Indifference to School Shootings, Cozying Up to NRA

CORAL GABLES, FL — In a continuation of their efforts to put a spotlight on the rampant corruption and heartlessness of Florida’s Senior Senator, today Retire Rubio, a Super PAC dedicated to defeating U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, unveiled a new digital ad hammering Rubio for his failure to respond to the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, as first reported by Newsweek.

“Parkland”, which will air statewide in Florida behind a five-figure buy, begins with news clips of the infamous school shooting, noting the thousands of children who have died since that tragic event and the millions of dollars Senator Rubio has taken from the NRA, concluding by highlighting the Senator’s failure to act on the epidemic of gun violence.

To view “Parkland” click on the image below:

Reacting to the release of the powerful ad, Nick Merlino, one of the founders of the PAC, remarked:

“Elections have consequences, and in this case, it’s a matter of life and death. Time and again, Marco Rubio has failed to protect the people of Florida from weapons of war. Instead of supporting common-sense laws that ban assault weapons like the AR-15, which was used in the Parkland shooting, Marco Rubio has repeatedly opposed basic gun safety laws while doing the NRA’s bidding. This group has poured millions into his political campaign coffers. We plan to hold him accountable.

This is the first in what will be many ads going after Senator Rubio for his long record of serving himself, rather than the people of Florida. Marco doesn’t care about people suffering from the economic crisis, he doesn’t care about the violence he encouraged during his rally in South Florida last November, and he definitely doesn’t care enough about the victims of the Parkland shooting to pass common-sense gun laws. We hope the Senator gets used to this because this is just the beginning.”

Additionally, Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime died at Parkland, released the following statement hammering Senator Rubio:

“Following the murder of my daughter Jaime in the Parkland school shooting, I had the good fortune of working with many local and national legislators who stepped up to work with me to deal with gun violence. Sadly, Marco Rubio was not one of them. His ongoing and intentional failure to address the reality of gun violence in our state and in his backyard makes him unfit for another term.”

Previously, the PAC released the viral ads “Marco the Elf” and “Little Marco”, which can be found below:

And below view “Little Marco:”

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