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[WATCH] Residents of The Villages Protest Gaetz and Greene Appearance

[WATCH] Residents of The Villages Protest Gaetz and Greene Appearance

What would be worse than beleaguered Congressman and alleged sex trafficker Matt Gaetz showing up where you live for a public appearance?

Gaetz showing up where you live and bringing Marjorie Taylor Greene with him, that’s what.

Gaetz and Greene are kicking off their “America First” tour at the Villages, the prominent Florida retirement community that gained national prominence during the 2020 campaign for its politically divided residents and their public displays for their candidates. Villages resident Chris Stanley told CNN that she’s “absolutely horrified” that Gaetz will be visiting her community with QAnon-loving Rep. Greene (Q-GA). Stanley said that while the accusations against Gaetz are deadly serious, Gaetz’s district is “so red that he could be re-elected if he was in prison.”

Fellow resident Mike Faulk told CNN that Gaetz’s “distraction tour” of The Villages with Greene is his way to “get Americans to forget” that he’s being investigated on potential sex trafficking charges involving an underage girl. Another resident told CNN that he’s not buying Gaetz’s story that the allegations swirling around him are all part of an elaborate extortion scheme against his family.

“It’s a nice story,” Dave Davidson said sarcastically of Gaetz’s extortion claims.

Greene promoted the stop on her Twitter page, saying she’s “hearing it’s going to be a party!” and will be part of an effort to “Save America” and “Stop Socialism.”

Greene was famously stripped of her committee assignments earlier this year over her support for conspiracy theories, including past remarks backing QAnon, and comments she made suggesting violence against prominent Democrats. Gaetz has continued to deny the charges despite mounting evidence of his guilt, including a full confession from his alleged sex trafficking partner, Joel Greenberg.

Watch the CNN story about The Villages, below.

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