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[WATCH] Republicans Block Bill That Would Allow People Seeking Abortions to Cross State Lines

[WATCH] Republicans Block Bill That Would Allow People Seeking Abortions to Cross State Lines

Fascism is here.

The Republican Party is determined to set this country back to a Colonial-era culture where the men make all the rules and the womenfolk have no choice but to suffer as chattel, no different from farm animals. They have told as much. They are removing our rights while we sleep AND while we’re awake. They aren’t hiding any of their awfulness just under the surface anymore, it’s all out in the open. The GOP wants to kill public education, rewrite history, and control the population. And now they even want to control the freedom to cross state lines if you live in a Red state where abortion is now illegal.

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Comparisons to “The Handmaid’s Tale” aren’t out of line when Republicans are looking to literally control family planning and the movements of pregnant women and others seeking reproductive care. There are still no comparable laws on the books anywhere controlling or regulating the issuing of sperm for purposes other than impregnation. Weird how men don’t want you coming near their parts, huh?

In the United States of America, we’ve always been able to hop in our cars and take road trips without stopping at state lines to get passports stamped or show a reason why we want to be there. But this is where we’re headed.

Republicans are all about controlling women. They don’t care about anyone’s baby once it’s born. It cannot be stressed enough that if you’re not in their cult, they’re going to do everything they can to punish you for it. Just don’t suggest they ever play by their own rules, because the rich members of the GOP will always have access to abortion no matter what state they’re in. Meanwhile, Democrats keep fighting for people to have full and equal rights, including bodily autonomy. It’s not hard to see where the root of the problem is, it’s just apparently impossible to fix because Republicans are the problem.


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