[WATCH] Republican Voters Shame GOP For Not Supporting the Stimulus

A virus doesn’t care whom anyone votes for, and people who on the right have struggled just as much as those on the left. But the GOP is short on both memory and human compassion, and therefore they’ll continue to vote against the best interests of the American people even when it comes to basic needs like food, shelter, and jobs. Not one Republican voted for the American Rescue Plan, and now some Republican voters are angry that their elected representatives aren’t genuinely representing them.

While polls showed overwhelming support for the package, many Republicans still opposed it. Donald Trump voiced his support in the final days of his first term, calling for a $2,000 check to be sent to every family, but Republicans were only willing to give $600. Then-candidate Joe Biden, who agreed, struck out to make good on the $2,000 demand in a rare moment of agreement between the two candidates.

Republicans echoing Trump's election lies are punished
[Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images]
Still, the GOP fought against it.

The $1,400 stimulus headed to Americans isn’t the only benefit of the bill; those with children get an extra $1,000 per child. For many struggling families, that means extra money they’ve been desperately in need of on top of the stimulus dollars. The Republicans continue to deny their own voting base the help they’ve been asking–and voting–for. And now their voters are finally speaking out.

Several Republican voters angered by the GOP vote today spoke to CNN about how they felt knowing the people they put in office didn’t fight for them.

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