WATCH: Republican State Senator Apologizes For Calling Capitol Attack A Hoax — Doesn’t Actually Retract Claim

Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey says he’s sorry he was caught on video calling the attack on the Capitol a hoax, as well as spreading conspiracy theories about the election. However, his apology does not include a retraction of any of the claims he made in the video.

Republican apology
[Screenshot via Reclaim Our American Republic/YouTube]

Shirkey released a statement on his official Senate site, admitting to “insensitive comments” and apologizing for “the words [Shirkey] chose” but in no way actually withdrawing the substance of the claims.

“I said some things in a videoed conversation that are not fitting for the role I am privileged to serve. I own that. I have many flaws. Being passionate coupled with an occasional lapse in restraint of tongue are at least two of them. I regret the words I chose, and I apologize for my insensitive comments.”

A clip of the original video can be seen below from MIRS News correspondent Lisa Roose-Church.

In this segment, Mike Shirkey can be seen arguing that the attack on the Capitol was a hoax carried out by people trying to make Trump look bad.

In another portion of the video, he claims there was mass election fraud.

The full video, over an hour of footage taken at a meeting between Shirkey and other senators, can be found here. According to MLive, the meeting was planned for senators to address censuring Shirkey for failing to adhere sufficiently to ‘conservative values.’ Among other incidents, the Michigan Senate Majority Leader was criticized for saying that armed protestors entering the State Capitol were using intimidation tactics and that their behavior was not representative of the Republican Party.

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